Friday, June 11, 2010

a personal review: bravo's Work of Art, next great artist

Okay, so did anyone see the show Wednesday night? I did; I'm not overly excited, but it is the first episode and I plan on making a weekly event.

Okay, if you didn't see it the opening episode the first challenge was a random pairing of artists doing a portrait piece of each other. So, the pairs spent, I think 30 minutes, of discovery. The conversation between each other was striking, because of the strong contrasts in personality. I enjoyed the commentary each artist provided during their process it was revealing show a unique initial impression of each other and how you would translate that impression into their own work of art.

I was fascinated to hear the critiques from the individual artists, which gave you a glimpse into how they would rationalize their final artwork to a judge and peers. I loved hearing what the judges said about each piece and especially what each piece conveyed to them.

I was impressed with the artist Miles he was resourceful in the face of difficulty. He problem solved his process to arrive at a work of art that was sublime. I would have loved to have seen his originally intended screen print, but maybe next time.

I would like to see the show a little longer and more commentary from the artists as well as the judges.

I am aware this is a competition and they have high stake, money and a show at the Brooklyn museum, but I must to tip my hat to those brave artists offering a revealing look at what lurks inside.

Thanks guys; Thanks Bravo TV for the programming and good luck to all!

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