Sunday, March 20, 2011

shop news & other shop news

I have a new painting listed as well as prints of some of my original in my etsy shop:

I been wanting to offer prints of my original watercolor and pen and ink artwork for a while, but need the funds to purchase the large format graphic scanner and the professional quality printer (Epson R2880) to produce fine art prints.

So, it was bye....bye...Burgman 650! I sold my motorcycle!

Selling my bike was a very painful, but necessary decision if I want to offer a range of prices in my art shop. I guess we do what me must for our art!
The printer and scanner are excellent! It is scary good how much the prints on the Epson Velvet Fine Art paper look like the original. The paper is bright white in color and has a texture just like watercolor paper .....bonus!!!

This month was a killer as I made another painful decision to close my jewelry shops: and The decision to close these shops was driven by the increasing cost of silver per oz. and the low profit margin with low sales of even the personalized jewelry. I just could afford to purchase raw materials.

New Original Painting: "Brunch in my Austrian overcoat, Original No. 2" Watercolor, pen and ink

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